Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machines can be mounted to trucks, trailers and, most commonly, inside of vans.

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, the only way to go is with a company offering this type of service. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional for this job, your best bet would be a truck mount carpet cleaner. Why? Simple: because they are more advanced and allow for the best, most thorough clean-up available today. What’s a Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Service? Truck mounted carpet cleaners are truly the best way to go. They include all of the equipment and supplies right on board, along with a built-in water heater. Truck mounted cleaners use hot water extraction (otherwise known as steam cleaning) resulting in a deep clean that is completely sanitization capable.

What Does Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Service Mean?

Truck mounted cleaners have a reservoir of water and cleaning solution. They pump out the dirty water into a lined receptacle, then add more hot water and cleaner to continue on until the carpet is clean. In addition, truck mounted cleaners have rotating brushes that beat stains from your carpet fibers – this allows for deep penetration to insure stains are removed. These type cleaners also have up to five times the suction power of portable carpet cleaners – this is important for removing all dirt and debris from your carpet fibers. Truck mounted cleaners are heavier, larger, designed to access tight areas, and much better at removing deep-seated dirt in carpets than smaller styles that are more portable. These cleaners are very versatile in that they can clean just about anything, not just carpeting.  Despite the name, truck mounted cleaning systems can be mounted in trucks, vans and even trailers. For the most thorough cleaning of your carpets, be sure to choose a service offering a truck mounted system.

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