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We love to clean, and it shows.

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In Poway, When you walk into your home, what is the first thing that strikes? Is it how clean everything looks or does every surface seem to be glowing with beauty and pleasure. If so then thank goodness for professional cleaners like those found at Superior Home Carpet Care! They know just what needs doing when caring about our carpets- especially ones as delicate looking on top of being large associations between people's living spaces and emotions. That is to say, We are the experts at getting rid of dirt stains without ruining carpet fibers! As a result, we do not leaving any bad smells behind. Our quick drying extraction cleaning method is perfect for stubborn pet messes too - so don't hesitate if you need help keeping up with daily cleanup chores!

Professional Technicians

Homeowners should clean their carpets every 3-6 months for the health and well being of your home. Regular cleaning will not only improve its appearance, but also remove allergens that can lead to illnesses such as asthma or allergies! Indoor air quality is improved by removing bacteria from previous household members who have been exposed before moving out in addition to killing dust mites - microscopic insects that feed on dead skin cells found between our carpet fibers.

Consequently, there are a number of benefits to having your carpets cleaned by professionals. Not only will you be able breathe easier but so too does the environment as whole! When was the last time you cleaned your carpet?

Hot Water Extraction System

Superior Home Carpet Cleaning's steam cleaning is a great way to clean your carpets. It cleans deep into fibers and removes any dirt that may be stuck in there, one molecule at time! Hot water extraction is the best way to clean your carpets. This technique penetrates deep into fibers and attaches itself onto dirt molecules, pulling them out of carpet one by one for complete removal. Consequently, nothing is left behind but a fresh-smelling home interior without harsh chemicals or residue. Superior Home Carpet Cleaners are experts at getting rid of all traces of pet dander, so with our help, you'll be able to enjoy an allergy freer environment while knowing these contaminants won't come back into your home when someone else comes over visiting. Having our experts come out will make your home asthma-friendly once again! We can get rid of all those pesky cat dander and dog hair follicles that are polluting the air quality. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy a clean carpet from these contaminants being carried back into another room when someone else comes over - not good if their child has asthmatic symptoms, like many do at times.

Carpet Cleaning Services Provided In Poway:

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Residential Tile Cleaning
  • Commercial Tile Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pet Urine Odor Removal
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Hard surface floor Cleaning
  • Granite Countertop Renewal
  • Carpet Stain Protector
  • Water Damage Restoration

When you need to clean up after your pet, call the professionals at Superior Home Carpet Cleaners Poway. We know how handle all types of situations and will make sure that everything is taken care off right!

Dog and Cat Accidents Happen!

We know accidents happen and, unfortunately for pet owners there is often the need to deal with them quickly before they become worse. Our team has experience in repairing all types of incident involving animals so you can rest assured knowing we'll take care whatever task comes our way - from simple carpet cleaning up serious urine damages such as when multiple layers are involved due to cat pee soaked into rug backing or floor boards beneath carpets instead!

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaners Poway:

Local Carpet Cleaners Poway

Your carpet might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually an important part of your home. By the end of its life span there could be up to 1 pound per sq ft soil deep in between those fibers! But nothing can clean this mess without professional equipment or chemicals that are dangerous for humans and pets alike so don't try cleaning alone- call in our experts today.


The carpet is an important part of your home's decor and comfort. It provides protection for those hardwood floors and/or slab foundations from getting wet or dirty, it cushions each step you take inside thanks its soft material underfoot plus adds visual appeal through color patterns added!

Prolong the life of your flooring with regular maintenance

Have you ever wondered why your carpet seems to be the only thing in your house that gets dirty? It's because it also acts as our homes' largest filter. Every microscopic particle floating around will end up trapped by these fibers over time- including dust mites which can trigger allergies or asthma symptoms for those who have these conditions! But even if we're vigilant about vacuuming regularly (which most families do), new particles sometimes get stuck on top while old ones sink deeper down below.

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We know how busy you can be with work and life challenges, so the last thing on your mind is cleaning up after pets. That's why we offer professional carpet cleaners in Poway! For many years now our business has provided affordable prices without compromising great customer service - meaning no worries when it comes time for Visitors or Party hosting before guests come over too quickly...
Quick Response

Superior Home of Poway, here at a moment's notice. That is to say, we'll be there as soon as possible so maximum convenience doesn't get lost in the hustle and bustles of life with family obligations or work stressors taking over your schedule! Whether it’s routine carpet cleaning you need before an upcoming event date on down right now though its emergency situation has arrived--we've got everything covered.  We are here to take care of your carpet cleaning needs, no matter what they may be. So if you have an upcoming event or just need a routine clean for some time in between meetings with family obligations on top of everything else going through life right now - we can help!


We have been proudly cleaning carpets in Poway for many years.

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